3:16 Collection

We had the opportunity to shoot with 3:16 Collection who is located in Stonebriar Mall.  3:16 collection is a Christian retailer specializing in sharing the cumulative message of salvation, not simply as an idea but as a lifestyle. We carry carefully curated apparel and other products that open hearts and uplift the human experience. Understanding that you wear a chance to reach someone by being your true, authentic self. A chance to effect change for the better-a chance to testify.

Shooting with this company created a new flame in our passion to capture the vision of others. While booking weddings is great, and capturing family portraits is amazing but to capture a brand that is effecting lives daily by words or graphics on a shirt is amazing. Jaylen; Owner of 3:16 Collection has become family to Dlores Photography because his passion to spread the gospel and change the lives of people. His love for people excites us and his story behind the brand will make you say YESSSSS!!! If you haven't yet take a stop by the store and see some of our work hanging in the store and purchase a shirt while saying Desmond from Dlores Photography sent me. 


Visit the website and order online at www.316collection.com


Coffee Talk Vol 2 - Intentional Communication

January was a great month. I set a goal to be more intentional on our personal contacts and connections with each of our clients, friends, and even random people that crossed our path.  Looking at the invoice books for the month of January inspired this blog post. "Intentional Communication" Communication can be defined as means of connection between people or places, in particularAs a photographer we have two forms of communication Photographic and Follow Up. Often times we do a great job with the photograph part but we struggle with the follow up. Whether it is a slow edit time or just sending over invoices, follow up emails, or minor corrections. Through out the years I noticed that I never set realistic expectations for my self and found my self bragging about how I was just making a deadline while in actuality I was stressing over something that was suppose to be fun.  As a business owner it important that we expand our forms of communication to be intentional with clear precise details on the expectation. I often tell  business owners the reason they have negative reviews or other companies receive negative reviews is rarely because the company performed poorly but mostly because the lack of details within the conversation.  For 2017 I created a list of goals that I am going to share with you guys while this isn't my entire personal list for the company here are a few that challenge me to be more intentional on how I communicate.

  1. 15 Regular Priced Weddings
  2. 30 Standard Package Photoshoots 
  3. 20 Senior Portrait Sessions 
  4. 5 Monthly Retainer Clients

This list is what I use to stay focused on my conversation and communication with my clients.  I find my self becoming complacent wanting business to come versus me going through self advertisement. I believe in old school grass root marketing. Contacting companies, venues, and even old clients to remind them that you are still doing business and services are bigger, better, and more intentional than ever. I encourage you to write a list of Goals that will help sharpen you to be more intentional and share them with us.. Lets grow together and Create better!! Your Vision Starts with You. 

Coffee Talk Vol 1 - Value Matters


Speaking to a client last week we dove into their business structure and quickly began to discuss the purpose of what they were doing. We discussed his Vision and the power of the people. As we consulted with him we discussed his target audience, his reasoning of why he started the business, as well as how he planned to expand his reach. Your vision must be  valued was at the first thing I stated to him. But to whom? First you as an entrepreneur must see your value, once achieved others have to respect the value in which you have placed within your #vision. Remember no one will value your vision more than you.

One of the first things I learned as a photographer being a discount photographer will quickly label you as one. I purchased thousands of dollars of equipment because I thought I needed it. I developed cool concepts and rubbed shoulders with amazing people. However there was something lacking. BOOKING CLIENTS! Others liked the concept of me taking pictures but didn't value the price I was charging. As I began to discover some thought I wasn't charging enough, others thought I was charging to much. This altered my thought and haunted me at night because as any entrepereuer dreams I just wanted to be successful. Your vision has a price and everyone will either pay for it or they wont.  My close friend Tony Pediford owner of CSM Photography Studio confirmed this statement and explained to me how to expand beyond the discount.   Expressing this sentiment to my client he laughed and quickly agreed.  Its important that the price margin you set explains and defines the value of your work.  I never make a business deal with out knowing that I will win. Thats the same way you have to think about it. A camera can't cut on with out a battery, a battery can't charge with out electricity the electricity bill can not be paid if no one books a photoshoot and pays the value. That's the same concept of the Lion King there is a circle of life and we all must fall in the right place. Your goal for the next week is to look at your product and determine your value. As 2016 is coming near to the end you want to make sure you are in the right position to make money in 2017.  

That is all for Coffee talk today.. we will start providing coffee talk on a regular basis. Every big corporation started as a small business and had to learn through trial an error. This is your trial now try to avoid the errors.:) 




Love is Patient Love is Kind finding your spouse takes time. Nick and Jessica have been dating since high school however have been loving each other every step of the way. These two are a great example of what true love looks like. Their love for each other is unconditional and so much FUN. Being around them forces you to have a good time because they are genuinely down to earth people. We had the honor of capturing their engagement/save the date photos as well as their wedding day. It is told that when it rains on your wedding day its a sign of good luck and great fortune to a photographer it is one of our worst nightmares however we must always come prepared and ready to adapt.  We say that to say marriage is never designed to be easy and there is a lot of adapting, adjusting, and sometimes losing that must take place so that unity may win. Capturing Nick and Jessica's wedding gave excitement to their future while it is our hope that it touched someones else's to remind them what love should reflect. Take a look at the sparkle in their eyes and the brightness of their smiles and remind your self why you got married, getting married, or hope to be married one day. We hope you enjoy.


Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
— Coco Chanel

A man of honor and class. A man with Vision and Dreams. A man who's heart is as pure as gold. Meet Brian Millage. We had the honor of meeting this young man over 7 years ago. Imagine walking through a college campus and everyone is in sweat pants and free school t-shirts; except for one guy who stood out because he either had on a suit, slacks, dress shoes, or just was different. Brian was dressed from head to toe always. He believed that the way you dress sets the temperature of how your day will pan out. Understanding that living on a college budget he always knew how to influence the style versus being influenced. Brian later after college came to me saying I'm going to create a company that influences how others dress. Immediately the entrepreneurship excitement was a reality which brings us to introduce #theMillage launch party that we shot this past weekend.  Brian invited a host of local vendors to Mac's Southside to show off there brand and create a platform for them to enhance there brand. While utilizing his skills to style the showcase models.  Surrounded by family, friends, and future clients from our view it was clear success. We look forward to further work in helping build the Vision of #TheMillage. If you haven't already please ensure you follow him on Instagram @theMillage .  

You can view all the photos from www.Dloresphotography.com/Events 



Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy but not with projects but one of a lifetime of fun. Our bundle of joy came was born on September 16th, 2016.  Accepting him with smiles and laughter we had a realization that our life would for ever change and so would our business. Our focus for the last two years has been on Fashion, Corporate, and Branding. While we love all baby calls so we are shifting our focus but never letting it go. We will be shooting Events, Family (Maternity, Holiday, Newborn, Birthday, etc), and Branding for small business. 

Delores Hunt

I love You, I miss you, I will see you again. 

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
— John 3:16 KJV

My grandmother was more than just a second mother. She was my mentor, my role model , my friend .. My BEST friend at least until Brittny cameinto my life she was my sweetie pie and I was her chocolate chip. She was my mom mom 

And while she battled sickness and spent many days in pain, a fight that many of us would not have been able to stomach or ever imagine she won the war by claiming the victory daily.

I sat by my grandmothers bed side a many night and while singing and laughing and reminiscing on all of the great moments we had with each other she held on to the faith just like Jacob saying I won't Let go father until you bless me. 

She constantly looked toward the hills which her help stood on and He came and relieved her of pain and suffering on May 21stin my arms.  While confused hurt empty I stand here to rejoice because as she held me so many times in her arms what better way could The Lord return the favor and allow me to hold her as she took her last earthly breath. 

I can remember my grandmother wrote on a piece of paper a long time ago while I was still in school ready to quit and throw in the towel (Don't ever give up) Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

She waited on the Lord and him alone.  Delores Hunts names will live on for ever. She was a wife, a mother, grandmother, a sister an aunt a mentor a teacher a lover a virtuous woman. So Mom Mom while we wait for the day to see you again we will do everything in our power to walk in the divine purpose the Lord has given to us through you.


Graduation 2016

The life of a graduate.... Graduation is nerve biting, spine bending, and almost as stressful as planning for a wedding; but as a photographer its extremely rewarding. Growing up in a house hold of educators my destiny was designed to teach, train, and educate however having the ability to capture the educated in there most rewarding accomplishment is amazing. My grandmother taught me the importance of education at an earlier age and because of that each semester Dlores Photography gives back to the students. We discount our rates almost as low as 50% and provide the Students with well put together quality images.  Take a look at a few of our recent graduate photoshoots we captured this year.

New Orleans

We give you the BLACKvsWhite Project. I made it my journey to capture the cities, states, and hopefully countries that I travel this year. The first stop was New Orleans however this adventure will not stop there but may return. Through it all enjoy the images and tell us what city, state, island, etc you want us to go visit. The sky truly is the limit.

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Healthy Veggie Me

The smells hit my nose as I turned the key and walked through the door of my grandparents house (Delores & James). The collard greens were boiling, the turkey was being cut, the mac and cheese was browning, and the sweet potatoes were sticking together with the help of the jumbo marshmellows. As I grabbed my rightful position on the couch and dug into the bowl of assorted nuts mixed with walnuts, pecans, and almonds I noticed there was this mountain in my way. This mountain didn't have a point. It didn't have a snow cap it just was round and wrapped with a Philadelphia Eagles shirt that stretched across it. I used it as a table and to my surprise it came in handy until my wife started to laugh and say, "Dez what are you doing? Is your stomach going to be your new table?" Before I knew it I quickly cleaned my mess and prepared for dinner. Carefully trying not to draw to much attention to my self. While in the bathroom I hit a few poses as if a swimsuit model, Vogue model, and just the "CLASSIC MAN" while all trying to keep my stomach sucked in, breath, and convince my self I wasn't FAT!  But I couldn't lie to my self anymore. I had hit my breaking point. I was tired of my shirts fitting like gloves when they were suppose to fit loosely. I was tired of my pants splitting and inner inseam wearing due to my legs rubbing together.

So as I sat down for dinner with my plate piled with heavenly goodness I cheerfully said, "AMEN" to the grace that was prayed over the food and dug in. Within minutes I was 25% done, 50% done and then about 30 Minutes I was approaching the clean up duty. I felt great.. at least I thought Idid until I was passed out on the couch and counting the cows jumping over the fence. I quickly woke up noticing that I had drifted but with a sluggish feeling. After my mother laughed with me about my moment of drifting she reminded me of a healthier lifestyle.

So I took it and bought into the Healthy Lifestyle Fad but this fad was a fad that was going to change my life for the better. This fad was going to test me, correct me, and make me love ME for ME. The name of the fad was Total Life Changes. This fad allowed me to see the proof through my cousins, aunts, and one my biggest role models my mother. As I quickly logged into my account I placed my order in for the HCG Drops, Iaso tea, Nutraburst, and NRG pills. Taken together was going to create this FAT ALBERT into a TANK (the Actor/singer). I started my journey December 1st. Fruits, protein, and leafy VEGGIES I was on my way to success. Within the first week I started to see the change 6 Lbs here 3 Lbs there by the 23rd of December I was wrapping up the first stage of the life change and I was down 25lbs solid. My body was looking better and I was feeling better. My energy levels were through the charts and I said this works! IT WORKS! Through out the 3 week process I committed my self to eating only what was on the recommended plan while also drinking plenty of water. I created a regime that later I found I would use as my guide. Now almost 60 days later I have lost a total of 32lbs; went from a size 42 pants toa 36 inseam, and now have encouraged my wife to eat healthier. So much so she introduced me to multiple vegan restaurants. Now I haven't jumped that deep off the deep in however we are thinking on opening the door to becoming vegetarians.

But why did I share this story? I shared this because like many others I struggled with a self identity issue and only spoke about it. I couldn't build the courage to do something about it until it was to late. It was after the countless embarrassments of seeing self portraits of what I had become. I encourage any an everyone today take control of yourself.

Make a choice to live healthy, be healthy, and most of make a total life change.



The creation of life was designed with dignity and grace. It was eloquently mastered through two parties becoming joined and constructing the perfect seed that would eventually grow to become a man/woman. We often read how man was created from dust and woman was created from man and the pain bearing birth that women would go through to push out the next generation.

Shooting maternity has become a joy to me because I am able to see the unthinkable. Often times my clients approach me around 3 or 4 months and I say let's wait till we can see the belly more. Not knowing how big the belly might grow or if there is one or two beautiful babies growing inside. But what I do know is through the 9 month process the woman will transform and her body will start telling her what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and so much more. Her body will be stretched and sometimes tested to where she may feel she can't go any further.  But through the process the mother and child do it together. That's a bond that no man can ever share with there child all they know is the woman's body is built like a super hero.

Timothy and Jade was a special couple because they are both musically inclined. The DNA strand that is en-grafted in baby Timothy German III will be far from amazing. I'm talking "BABY MUSICAL GENIUS"!  A father who can dance his fingers across black and white keys and literally create beautiful sounds through just about any instrument he puts his mind to and a mother who can sing at a high soprano to send chills down your spine or warm a cold room through her melodic tone. One can only imagine what little Timothy German III will learn to do. But what we all know is he is blessed. Blessed to be birthed with a couple that love each other and put there all in pleasing each other. Both Timothy and Jade laughed from the time we started till the time we finished. While it was cold outside the sun was shining and the glow was reflecting through each photo taken. We captured beautiful moments that I am sure they will cherish forever. I am excited to receive the great news that young Timothy David German III was born today February 9th, 2016 at 2:22pm. Help me congratulate this beautiful couple. We will pray for a speedy recovery of Jade and keep our eyes peeled at the billboard charts for TG3! 




We traveled to North Park and stopped at the LOFT (ANN TAYLOR) to attend the Launch of North Texas Black Bloggers. We = Me (Desmond) + My Queen (Brittny). YES she stepped out with style and grace and worked the room with me. Mingling and shopping she expressed her excitement of understanding blogging in such a new light. While at the event we had the opportunity to meet a diverse group of bloggers while being surrounded by clothes and the photography ideas jumping from every direction. We met a great group of bloggers that individually have there own style. From business, fashion, music, hair, motivational, technology, to even WHERE is the VODKA :) (she was one of my favorites) bloggers. The room was bubbling with new faces and people from all types of backgrounds all excited to create.

Photos Captured by: Rodney DuPree

Photos Captured by: Rodney DuPree

Photos Captured by: Rodney DuPree

Photos Captured by: Rodney DuPree

What was this event about?

This event was the introduction to an organization that is designed to influence Inspiration, Education, and Motivation. The North Texas Black Bloggers Association is a community of driven bloggers and content creators seeking the inspiration, education and motivation needed to successfully navigate through the exciting arena of online curation and blogging. There goal is to provide educational resources, collaboration opportunities, and motivational tools so there members can be better bloggers and influencers. Through meetings, workshops, networking opportunities and meet ups they demonstrate that blogging is much more than working individually behind a computer.

Who are the Founders?

Photos Captured by: Rodney DuPree

Photos Captured by: Rodney DuPree

The North Texas Black Bloggers Association was founded by Danyel Buie and Jennifer Baker. Both bloggers have a heart as pure gold. Through out the event the worked the room insuring they touched everyone and encouraged even some that did not have a blog to start one. There passion to help others showed through there conversation. There humble spirits eradicated as they pulled the group together to explain briefly what NTXBB is all about.


I look forward to the next event and working with many of the bloggers in future endeavors. Great job to Danyel and Jennifer you guys did an excellent job and to me.. have struck gold! I love your vision and plan to support!


Images Captured by: Rodney DuPree

Content: NTXBB Facebook Group


DUWA Studios

Late 2015 DUWA studios opened for business with a spectacular open house offering photographers, models, MUA, fashion designers, stylist, bloggers, and so many more to come and experience the location. Dlores Photography ventured out to the Deep Ellum streets where we had the opportunity to meet and greet with many faces some well known around Dallas and others making there mark with a bold statement. While there we had to capture the moment of the arts. The #Visions were all truly inspired by just the chemistry in the room. We shot, we ate, we drank, and we played in the #ThePlayroom of Art.  Dwayne Michaels and his Team we thank you, the city thanks you, and most of all the ARTS thanks you guys for sharing your space with the rest of the creatives. 

Troy Styles

Troy Styles is a recently new Fashion Blogger client that we have been working with a little over a month. While she is still at her grass root level. We have had the opportunity to create amazing work with her. LaTroya Peters came to us with a "Vision". She wanted us to help her build her portfolio of images while also guiding her through small steps of starting her business. LaTroya Peters; an island rooted, multi talented, driven entrepreneur, is dedicated to her clients but also to the craft. Although LaTroya is a Fashion coneseuer she also a great hair stylist and writer. She has placed those two skills on hold to dedicate more time to her most recent project. LaTroya spends countless hours researching fashion trends, and sends us constant suggestions on each look, dedicating her time to the industry. LaTroya's main goal is to become a high end stylist from the Dallas Fort Worth area.   Please take a look at some more of the most recent work we have provided to Troy Styles by Latroya Peters and become not just a viewer but a client/fan of her work.  In the next upcoming months her website will be released with prices of her services as well as behind the scene videos of how she styles and creates new ideas for clients. 

Dlores Photography is committed to the Visionary's and is looking to expand our services amongst all types of bloggers. We read your "Vision" and run with it. Building you the brand that you need while partnered with multiple talents in various industries. We will walk you through each step in making your dream a reality. Allow us to help you invest in you while showing the world the best of you. 

Greg Daniels Studio Class

I had the opportunity to shoot with one of my favorite photographers in the Dallas metroplex a couple weeks ago. He taught a class on proper lighting for portrait and headshot work. His experience and expertise showed me that the time spent within the craft is never an over night achievement but with patience, proper training, and the artistic eye I can achieve the successes of others. The first lesson learned from Mr. Daniels was I should have bought a NIKON. lol .. a joke that we have been going back and forth on for some time now I still chuckle thinking because I have been a CANON man my entire life from every camera I have ever owned.  But with his expertise he was able to show me how to capture the same quality through my canon as he does with his nikon. We spent on average 3-4 hours together moving lights, and adjusting umbrellas', soft boxes, and paper to provide the perfect photos. Take a look at the imagery captured.  And people wonder why photographers charge the price we do.... because We too invest in our selves to ensure you receive high quality imagery!!! :) 


Often times people think that they can pick up a camera and start snapping and hopefully make magic.... It's okay I thought the same thing once before until I started a business and realized its not that easy. "Preparation" is the word for today. The dictionary defines the word preparation by the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration.

I like to define it as developing a strategy to capture  "Vision".   When creating any still image it's always important to consult with a client and have the right conversation on determining what it is that they are looking for within there imagery. We often find ourselves as photographers building other people's brands while establishing ours. With that being said it is vital that we are prepared to capture it.  Not to mention many complain about how much a photographer charges, those that fail to prepare often times provide the quality to exemplify such. As a business owner our reputation is on the line. One failed project could tarnish our name while also causing us to work harder to build the trust again.  I can speak on my self by saying I invest a lot of time, energy and money daily making sure that my clients are the forefront of my mind. This is not just the clients I have but also the clients to come. While the industry is ever evolving its important to evolve with it. The adventure of learning new techniques and angles to capture is just the beginning. The history and the WHY behind an image is what also matters. As a photographer I have learned that my images should speak to a person with out having to introduce themselves. We are the creators of today that capture time with and with out color. We provide a service that many have tried and few have succeeded. We express our thoughts through our canon's and aim our focus on reaching the marked goals through companions. Build your brand the right way and place the energy needed to to create masterpieces that others will speak about one day.  Dlores Photography is here for the artist, the creators, those ready to build beyond  the average. 


You have made them a little lower than the angel and #Krouned them in glory and honor.

A dear friend of mine reached out and said, "Dez, I'm starting my blog and I need photos." Without thought my answer was YESSS of course while asking, "What's Your VISION?" She sent me one photo and I dang near fell from my chair out of excitement.

Kristen Marie a Poet, Follower of CHRIST only, Artist, EDUCATED, Black, Woman, Activist, LOVER is a perfect example to the generations before and after what success looks like. Kristen is an educated black woman who has proven her self through the college system Mastering in Public Health in Epidemiology. While she wears many hats she expresses her self by being comfortable in her skin for who she is. Her long curly red hair hides behind a scarf as she walks up. As normal greeting with a hug and DANG homie long time no see. We automatically begin to go down memory lane.  Her soft but bold voice rings melodic tones as we ride through Fort Worth catching up on old times discussing the theory of why our youth are lost and how music has taken a turn. As we talk and capture all I hear are poet thoughts singing through my mind. Her audience are those who are open to understanding and closed to being chained by the statistical darma of our society. Filled with anger of controversial acceptance and tired of those who are to lazy to take a stand.  While doing so we manage to save face and create visual ART capturing her "VISION" and recreating the word noun and replacing the "C" with a "K" in crown to "KROUN". Her soon to be released blog will touch on the industry as a whole from music, to faith, to refusing to compromise on the very utterance of belief. If you don't read anything you will have to follower Kristen because each Adjective, #Kroun and Verb that she writes will be a blessing to your soul clearing your "VISION" and blessing you with sight.